Former President & Prime Minister of Azad Jammu & Kashmir.
Ex Chairman President’s National Kashmir Committee Pakistan
H.E. Sardar Muhammad Abdul Qayyum Khan
Institute of Peace and Development (INSPAD)

The pertains to materialization of the concept of socio-religious peaceful co-existence in the imminent globalization hoping that it will merit your serious consideration.
With the fast development of technology and growth of human mind, the inter-dependence and much closer interaction of the peoples of the world are unavoidable consequences which are driving the humanity to yet closer ties-globalization.

One is only obliged to live and bear with it. At the same time we see that this closeness in geography, culture, religion, economy, politics and technology has started demonstrating the natural human instinct for supremacy in every walk of life. Race for supremacy which carries in its wake lust for power, domination and subjugation of fellow human beings is not a new phenomenon. It is as old as the human race itself. However the Universe of stars, moon, and sun and even beyond is conquered, human lust for domination and subjugation of the human beings remains yet at the core of heart. It culminates in the conquest of human beings on one pretext or the other. It is simply tragic that power and lust for domination and conquest have remained twins. History is replete with this human conduct. An implicit important lesson, which however no body learns, is that indiscrete use of power leads invariably to self-destruction. It expresses itself almost in all forms and shapes. Individuals, groups, parties, communities, nations and countries. The only exception, of course, is that the power lasted only when it was ever used for the benefit and not destruction of the human beings.
Clash over water resources is yet another destructive threat already knocking at our doorsteps. It was fifteen centuries ago that the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) warned about this impending catastrophe. Addressing one of his prominent disciples, He (PBUH) said Do not commit excess in use of water while performing obligatory ablution even if you are at the bank of the river” (or words to that effect)”.it carries in it the natures’ principle of diminishing water resources in the future.
The closer we get to each other the closer we are moving towards conflicts of diverse nature. That is inherent and inbuilt in the nature of human race whether it is uncivilized living animal life in the woods or it is civilized and advanced. It may be apt to quote the poet Philosopher of the East, Dr. Iqbal, “Advancement is destined to commit suicide with its own dagger”. The converse of a Quranic Verse, “Those who are beneficial for human beings will survive on earth”, is also too evident to need any explanation. Thus survival of the human beings depends on the principle of survival of the beneficial and not the survival of the fittest as the common saying goes. If we look deeper into the warring elements of nature it is no surprise to see various conflicts seriously brewing up, with every little collateral effort towards meeting the challenge. Human history has sufficiently witnessed these conflicts. The only difference is that in the past the world was not so close as it is today. Therefore, the conflicts remained localized. Today with the advanced and ever-increasing technology we not only witness closeness in geography but among individuals also.
Let us assess what possibly are the elements of conflict which are the creation of globalization and natural human instinct to destroy one another. The major ones as one can easily see and comprehend are: – Religion, economy, culture-cum-civilization, politics and water resources. An American writer has already pointed about the possible danger of clash of civilizations. Similarly clash of economies is moving with no less speed. Clash on the basis of religion is also catching up the imagination of the people. History has amply witnessed almost all types of clashes already except water. But this time the involvement is going to take on the whole world. Of all the possible conflicts perhaps the religious or inter-faith conflicts and clashes would be far more far more destructive than any other. Many thinkers have discussed this point since long but no permanent and lasting solution could be through out. Even the divine authority, the Quran, had pointed this out fifteen hundred years ago when it called upon the people of the book, “Come round to the world which is common between us, that we worship not except Allah and do not associate any deity with Him and do not take any one from amongst us as the Sustainer other than Allah”.
Wise people from various nations have of recent started working towards it. “How to avoid the inter-faith conflict which is brewing up fast”. For that matter a number of efforts are being made in different countries but in different directions. In the U.S Congress there is an institute in the name of “Interfaith Reconciliation”. Similarly the British foreign office is also involved in this interfaith affair. An important institution is also reported to be working in Germany. One similar institute is reported to be present in Jordan: Prime Minister of Pakistan is also said to have set up a similar institute in Norway recently. In Turkey also a similar activity is afoot in the name “Dialogue” meaning interfaith reconciliation. May be there are many others with the same purpose.
I have during my visits abroad tried to explain the fallacy of the world Reconciliation which means creation of a new faith by compromising some of other faiths. Compromise on the faith is simply absurd and unattainable. The world does not need any new faith.
It has already enough on the plate. Instead of Reconciliation, I have been persuading the idea of Co-existence. That is the real need and it is by far easily understandable and practicable also. Peaceful Religious Co-existence.
Can the world forums undertake this most important rather pragmatic task of bringing peace to the globe by avoiding a conflict based on faith. What is needed is to project the principle of Co-existence without forcing to change or adjust the faith.

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