Chief Guest His Excellency Mr. Hezan Hussein Abu-Shanab, Ambassador of the State of Palestine in Pakistan.His Excellency Mr. Mumtaz Alam Gillani, Federal Minister Human Rights.Honourable Senator Mushahid Hussain Seyyad, Former Federal Minister Information.Honourable Dr. Alexander John Malik, the Bishop of Lahore.Honourable Siddique ul Farooq, Spokesman, Pakistan Muslim League (N).

Host Sardar Tahir Tabassum & Dr. Farhat Jabeen.
Excellencies, Guests, Speakers, intellectuals and media

I am thankful to Institute of Peace and Development (INSPAD) for organizing this important and graceful program, and also giving me a chance to address this august gathering.
We have gathered here today to celebrate the Day of Solidarity with the people of Palestine. Palestinian and Kashmiri people are facing brutality and violation of human rights since the last six decades.
•All major religions speak in their scriptures of the need and desire for peace. Pursuit of peace must have a strong, even central, spiritual and religious component.
•We need peace in our mind, in our homes, in our lives and every where in the world fundamental.
•The major trouble factor between Islam and the West is conflicts of Palestine and Kashmir.
•Kashmir is the key to peace in South Asia, over 100 thousand Kashmiri’s have been killed by the Indian Army in Jammu & Kashmir and 7 hundred thousand Indian Army occupied Kashmir over half a century.
•Kashmir is the largest militarized zone in the world.
•Kashmiris had long struggle for their international recognized birth right to self-determination. The killing of innocent men, women and children and serious violations of human rights is a routine exercise in occupied Kashmir. There is also same volatile situation in Palestine.
•Islam is a religion of peace, Muslims are peaceful, there is no doubt, that every body needs peace, don’t let us create gap and don’t let us be enemies of peace.
•Muslims have a special stake in peace, if peace prevails; Islam will have a better chance of being heard and accept in the West.
•Tolerance, coexistence and dialogue are important to achieve lasting peace.
•After many decades of world conflicts, we must realize the future challenges and to help give our societies to have precious gift of peace.
•We must standup and untie to combat terrorism, sue side bombing, extremism, ignorance and discrimination.
•We are demanding the implementation of the United Nations Security Council resolutions on Kashmir and Palestine.
•I would like to salute the Kashmiris and Palestinians who are sacrificing since long and is assure them that the people of Azad Jammu and Kashmir will continue their support to them. Because we are part of this movement and no body can separate us from this struggle. We are thankful to all nations to support us from the day first.
•Media can play a vital role to convey message of building confidence and understanding between different faiths and cultures.
•We have to contribute towards peace building process. Without inter-religious dialogue we can not establish mutual understanding, cooperation and harmony among religions.
•UN role to resolve conflicts and alleviate poverty is not admirable but we hope that this institution will play meaningful role in near future. We need to overcome fear and mistrust to build bridges over the divides.
•I appreciate and admire the effective efforts of Institute of Peace and Development (INSPAD) to promote the dialogue for peaceful settlement of conflicts of Palestine and Kashmir in Europe and Pakistan. I know personally Mr. Tahir Tabassum since long time; he is actively participating in Kashmir movement and human rights activities in Kashmir and Pakistan. My government will support these NGOs on positive and constructive activities.

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